Our mission for bile bears in Vietnam

Although the production of bear bile, and the trade of bear products, have been banned by law since 2005, approximately 800 bears – mainly Asiatic black bears – are kept on over 250 bear farms in Vietnam. Many are illegally abused for the extraction of their bile.  

In the framework of the #savethesaddestbears campaign, FOUR PAWS has committed itself to end the torment of bile bears in Vietnam.

what four paws has achieved so far:


December 2019

Rescue Ben: He suffered almost three decades in a tiny, filthy cage. After a 200km journey across Vietnam, bear Ben can begin his new life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. 

September 2019

Biggest FOUR PAWS mission in Vietnam: Seven bile bears rescued from cruel captivity

May 2019

Unexpected bile bear rescue in Vietnam - 3 nameless Asiatic black bears. Now they got the names: Lili, Lulu and Lac.

May 2019

Bears Chuoi, Tao and Le are rescued and brought to our sanctuary after 20 years of suffering.

May 2019

Bear cubs Mi and Tam are released into their outdoor enclosure!

March 2019

In the biggest FOUR PAWS rescue operation to date, we saved five bile bears Keo, Lim, San, Dieu and Khoai Lang.

March 2019

FOUR PAWS opens BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh to the public.

January 2019

Bear cubs Mi and Tam are rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and taken into our care. 


November 2018

FOUR PAWS rescues two Asiatic black bears Trang and Long.

August 2018

FOUR PAWS saves another pair of abused bears who had been locked up for over 12 years: Hoa Lan and Hoa Tra.

April 2018

FOUR PAWS rescues May and Binh Yen from captivity in cruel conditions. There are now NO MORE bear farms in the Ninh Binh Province.  

January 2018

FOUR PAWS rescues former bile bear Misa.


November 2017

FOUR PAWS rescues its first bears in Vietnam. Nhi Nho, Thai Van and Thai Giang move to BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh and become the sanctuary's first residents.

November 2017

According to official figures, approximately 800 bears still live on 250 farms in Vietnam. 

Spring 2017 

FOUR PAWS launches the international campaign 
#savethesaddestbears: END BEAR FARMING in Vietnam!


December 2016

Construction begins on BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh.


Spring 2015

FOUR PAWS begins cooperation with the state wildlife rescue centre, the 'Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre', and funds an outdoor enclosure in order to improve the living conditions of the former bile bears. 


FOUR PAWS investigates Vietnamese bile bear farms for the first time.



The Vietnamese government bans the sale and consumption of bear bile and the new admission of bears to farms. All bears kept on farms are registered and micro- chipped. At this point, approximately 4,300 bears live on Vietnamese bear bile farms.


The saddest bears in Vietnam need your support. Your donation will help to stop the torture of these animals!

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