Rescue Frol and Frosia

Oct. 2020


Rescue Frol and Frosia


Born for entertainment, these two restaurant bears knew nothing else – now they begin a new life! 

For brown bears, Frol and Frosia, life meant sitting behind the rusty bars of a dark cage in the Lviv Region, Ukraine. The bears were born here, at a hotel and restaurant in 2018, and intended as entertainment and an attraction for customers. Their barren enclosure offered them no enjoyment, just a concrete floor with no enrichment or joy in their everyday lives; they had never known anything other than the same bars of their enclosures all their lives! 

When FOUR PAWS first visited the site in 2019, it triggered months of negotiations ahead for their rescue. As the hotel/restaurant finally closed its doors for good, we were given the green light, and beautiful Frol & Frosia were able to be rescued in October 2020. It was the start of a new life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Their journey to their new homes went very well, and in just a 2.5 hour trip the bears were welcomed at the sanctuary. As the bears are young, the vet checks showed that there were no serious health issues for either bear. However, both bears showed some minor injuries on the soles of their paws from standing and walking on the wet concrete floor of their cage, but these injuries will soon heal as the bears spend time on natural ground!

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The bears are now settling in at the sanctuary. We will update you on their progress soon!